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28 Nov

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We’re not going to drop anymore hints- this time, browsing the stories stocked on The Shelf is up to you. The choice is varied. Maybe you’re passionate about wine, clothes swapping, abseiling off skyscrapers or a believer in freedom of speech. Maybe these are all completely foreign to you. There’s bound to be something here that takes your fancy. Take a risk, you might even surprise yourself.

Our agenda is not entirely sinister (though you may be bored of our updates on Facebook or Twitter), but here at The Shelf, we believe in great stories. Tales that are entertaining, thought provoking, inspiring, sad, funny, silly, motivating, new, scary and exciting.

We only hope that we’ve been able to provide.

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Shelf Picks

22 Oct

Over the past few months, the team @ The Shelf have been out and about scouring for stories for your browsing pleasure! If you’ve been keeping an eye out for us (which, to be honest, would probably be a little strange) you might have spotted us dining in restaurants to bring you the best reviews (it’s a hard life), lurking in darkened cinemas and even kicking back in Fiji (yep, feel sorry for us).

We have even more exciting stuff for every single one of you coming up, so make sure you dust off The Shelf, and have a hunt for some good reads!

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New Arrivals

26 Sep

The Shelf is being stocked with more and more new stories. There’s something here for everyone. Here’s just a few picks:

Elephant Trekking: Elephants are a big tourism draw card in places like Thailand. But are tourists educated enough about the price these creatures pay? Jemma Castle finds out the real cost of elephant trekking in an informative video feature.

48 Hour Rapid Detox Review: You’ve heard of the 48 Hour Rapid Detox.  Now Michelle Rumery tests it out, with interesting results.

Teenage Dreams: You’ve probably read Harry Potter. Maybe even Twilight. Embarrassed to admit it? Amanda Diaz looks into why so many adults are fans of children’s books.

International Students: Bella Papadopoulou Dobrowolska’s video feature examines the appeal of studying abroad for international students in Australia and overseas.

Want more? Check out what else we have to offer- from opinion pieces to book reviews, the right choice is always waiting for you somewhere on The Shelf.

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11 Sep

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