Shelf Help

28 Nov

Welcome, welcome, random visitors and well intentioned friends and family!

We’re not going to drop anymore hints- this time, browsing the stories stocked on The Shelf is up to you. The choice is varied. Maybe you’re passionate about wine, clothes swapping, abseiling off skyscrapers or a believer in freedom of speech. Maybe these are all completely foreign to you. There’s bound to be something here that takes your fancy. Take a risk, you might even surprise yourself.

Our agenda is not entirely sinister (though you may be bored of our updates on Facebook or Twitter), but here at The Shelf, we believe in great stories. Tales that are entertaining, thought provoking, inspiring, sad, funny, silly, motivating, new, scary and exciting.

We only hope that we’ve been able to provide.

Let us know if we’ve succeeded.

All the best,

The Team @ The Shelf


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