About Us

The Shelf is an online magazine run by six Sydney journalists. With five women and a token male (poor guy), they are doing what they can to bring you the best browsing experience possible…

There is something so deliciously relaxing about reading the weekend papers. Browsing through magazine lift-outs. Being able to brush up on not only fluff and entertainment, but the more significant issues too. It makes the stress and hassle of the working week worthwhile…

As a group, The Shelf would like to capture this feeling, package it, and send it straight back to you, the reader, week after week.

Picture a cosy bookstore. The kind with comfy secondhand armchairs and mugs of hot chocolate. An open fireplace flickering light softly across rows of brightly coloured book spines, each encasing infinite pages of diverse subject matter and storylines. Yet each one, should it be picked up, would be entertaining, informative and of contextual value. So long as you have them to sift through at your leisure, to return to whenever you please, and to relax and unwind with: you will never want to leave.

This is, by definition, The Shelf.

The Shelf, as an online publication, aims to inform and entertain. It wants to connect with readers rather than condescend them, and to develop a sense of community in which both journalists and audience work together to create a publication that meets the interests of everyone involved.

The ideal reader for The Shelf is the twenty-one year old economics student living in cramped urban university housing who pines for the opportunity to spread out their imagination… The sixty-one year old pig farmer in outback Australia whose body is aching for a moment to brush off the dust and relax… The forty-five year old international business man or woman who only has those few precious moments to unwind with their iPad before they board their next plane…

The ideal audience for The Shelf is simply an audience who is bursting with the desire to switch off their immediate world for a moment or two, and switch on to what is happening in the expansive world around them…

…If that sounds like you, than shuffle on through the shelf – no doubt there will be something just right for you. And if (in the very unlikely event) there isn’t, please feel free to email us or comment on our stories and let us know what you would like put on The Shelf!


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