Greek Food

One step out of Australia and into Greece!


Bella Papadopoulou Dobrowolska

In one of the slightly hidden alleys of Newtown I found an entrance into the Mediterranean world. A picturesque Greek tavern called Steki became my gateway to gastronomic heaven.

Having lived in Greece for five years I have spoilt my taste buds to death, so at first I was a little bit skeptical towards this restaurant. What do they know about Greek food in this far off country, I thought. Walking in I was welcomed with a wide smile and an amazing smell; the familiar smell of Greece. Paul Ioakimidis, the owner of Steki, led me to my table and handed me the menu.

The Greek word «steki» translates in English to «meeting place» and this is exactly what this restaurant is: my next favourite meeting place. The cosy atmosphere and the friendly staff made me feel at home before I even had the entree. Steki is one of the first Greek restaurants that opened in Sydney with its very first meal served in November 1983. Because of its location it started out as a place where students from Sydney University could gather, eat, drink and sing but rapidly a wide range of satified customers made Steki their meeting place as well.

Opening the menu was like unlocking Pandora’s Box within which my appetite had been hiding this entire time. Deciding on one dish? That was out of the question! I ordered almost every course on the menu. Kalamari, Souvlaki, Moussaka and Greek salads are only a few of the many creations that are being served in Newtown’s little Greek paradise. Even though all the food served are simply a slice of heaven, Steki is renowned for their lamb dish. Slow baked lamb with onion, garlic & bay leaves, then lightly barbequed & basted with lemon & olive oil.

The beauty of gastronomy is that it is similar to good art: it engages all the senses. What I love about Greece is that food is almost like a whole body experience. Dinner is, and has always been, a time when all the magic happens. It was during dinner that most significant ideas and philosophies were born. It certainly shows that Steki is aware of this as well as they have created the perfect ambience for some magic to take place. The Greek traditional wine-like Retsina is served in chilled carafes and enjoyed in an interior that reminds you of Acropolis. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is live Greek music followed by traditional dancing for those who want to burn off the calories from the dessert.

Socrates once said «Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat». Well, he obviously had not been to Steki. In the ancient Greek mythology, Odysseus travels from Troy in hope to find Ithaca, his home. In the modern mythology it is certain that Greek food have found its Ithaca in Steki.

Steki Taverna

2 O’Connell St Newtown

NSW 2042

Phone (02) 9516 2191


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